Which is more scary ? Bungee or Skydiving ?

While this is not a path breaking or life altering question, it is still an interesting question which occurred to me after i was done sky diving. Buy why did it occur to me ?

Well, the question first came to me when i was still mid air during my first skydiving jump. Immediately after the rush when i jumped, it stopped being scary and became soothing. Of course, it was too soon to come to the conclusion that skydiving is less scary before landing on earth with all my parts intact, since I was still i kept this thought to myself.

Skydiving at Amelia Island, Florida

But once i was down, i kept ruminating on the question that I had asked myself previously. First time i did bungee in Phuket. Since i was doing some form of jumping for the first time, it felt damn scary. Just standing on the edge of the board, i just couldn't take the final step. I asked the person to push and promised him 10$ for his effort. 

Since the height was cognizable, I was imagining all the worst things possible while jumping and hence made the jump scary as shit. But where as in skydiving, when you look down below, you can't see anything and the pace at which you descend is at least ten times more than the pace of bungee. Simply put, skydiving is like watching a Guy Richie movie with quick cuts between scenes and bungee is like watching a slow motion video. While doing slow-mo, you have time to think worst possible things happening to you and it is also partly due to how our brain works . Our brain is very quick to react to imminent threats and is quick to produce cortisol and i feel threat is detected quickly in bungee than skydiving. 

Also once you dive, the free fall lasts for one to one and a half minutes and during this time, you could argue that brain is frozen and it feels like ten seconds and once the parachute is open and when you are floating, looking at the beautiful views and puny humans and tiny little things, it is the closest experience to being a bird and this is cool. When my instructor asked me which part do you like better - falling or flying ? . I still couldn't believe what just happened, and hesitated for a bit and replied that i liked both, but i must confess, i liked flying more. 


                        Bungee at Phuket, Thailand

I predicted that i would be brain dead during the dive so I made up mind beforehand to try one thing. It was to focus on how i was breathing, whether it was from my mouth or from my nose. Initially i thought that i would choke since there was so much air and it would fill up my lungs fast and then they would blast. But nothing of that sort happened, i was able to breath from both my mouth and my nose :) 

Not everybody might feel the same but i think majority will feel that bungee is more scary than skydiving if they happened to do both. 

At the time of skydiving, my wife was not with me, so i can't share her thoughts of skydiving but she slept for half a day after playing with tigers and doing bungee :)

Let me know what you think especially from them who did skydiving first and bungee later..... bubyee !!!

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