How to be eternally prepared for a Job Interview ???

I got my first job when I was in college through a campus placement. First we had to give a timed aptitude test and following it up with a personal interview if we passed the aptitude test. I had to answer only one question in the personal interview...Read More 9 Jan 2024

I am in love with technology all over again - Part I

I am not sure how and when this happened. But I think the inflection point came when I decided to give interviews to check where I stand. So, first thing as usual was to update my resume. When doing that, I was so embarrassed to call my self a Full Stack .NET Developer. I have never felt that before. I was just proud that I could build applications from scratch, front to back entirely by myself(irrespective of...Read More 28 Aug 2023

Vietnam - Ha Long Bay experience

Before proceeding, I would like to mention that all the pictures not just in this blog post, but every picture and video on this site unless mentioned is shot by myself and not a free stock image or video from google. I mentioned this because for many it's not obvious and i feel it should be noted and appreciated. Enough of ranting and back to why i came here...Read More 5 Apr 2020

Which is more scary ? Bungee or Skydiving ?

While this is not a path breaking or life altering question, it is still an interesting question which occurred to me after i was done sky diving. Buy why did it occur to me ?...Read More 2 Nov 2019